Our Story
Chronology of events

Establishment and History

2017 Li-ming Season Arts Preschool, and Season Arts ESL Young Makers School was built!
2011 Established Season Arts Educational Foundation, and Shr Jen Season Arts Preschool was built!

Officially operated by Season Arts Education Foundation, and it aims to contribute to the society with revenue generated by this school and to build a quality environment for young learners.

2006 Shi Tun Campus was built!

Sadly, we had to say goodbye to the little Dadun branch but all teachers and students made the smooth transition to the grand Shi Tun Campus.

2003 Bei Tun Campus was built!

Season Arts continues expanding and now has a branch in the North area of Taichung. It didn’t take long for this branch to become full of students and alive with artwork.

2000 Shr Jeng Campus was built!

This campus receives frequent visiting requests from Hong Kong and has the largest ESL department.

1995 The first Season Arts school was built! Dadun Campus.