Season Arts Academy
At Season Arts Kindergarten, teachers’ professional growth is considered a key factor in staff development. We provide every employee the opportunities to further improve their professional skills through continuing staff development training.

In 2014, Season Arts introduced the TTQS (Taiwan Training Quality System) staff development and quality management system into the school.  This system has been heavily promoted by the government.  The system employs the PDDRO evaluation cycle to formulate a complete and systematic strategic training setup. Furthermore, we built the Season Arts Academy staff training and management system, which include instant online learning, career analysis, teaching activity management, learning records management and more. These functions are all integrated into a single system for teachers to achieve creative professional growth.

(1)Combining online learning and digital management functions

The online learning system at Season Arts Academy is able to offer lessons for a large number of learners at the same time. This instant and flexible teaching encourages teachers to use new technology and advance their development which is in accordance with their need for professional growth. At the same time, educational training and management functions, which include lesson selections, after class evaluations and forums, etc., are able to improve learning with a well-design management system.

(2)Combining teacher ranking and career planning into a credit-grading lesson selection system

By combining the teacher ranking system and career planning into a credit-grading lesson selection system, clear promotion and career paths are established for the teachers. This way, teachers are able to understand the various possibilities and choices for career development they have at Season Arts and increase their motivation for professional development learning as a result. The school also created a well-constructed training program that is available and customized for every teacher and for them to utilize the school’s resources to gain professional growth, and the credit-grading system also encourages autonomy for learning.

(3)Training evaluation- silver-medal recognition in TTQS assessment

TTQS (Talent Quality-Management System) staff development and quality management system is a training quality assessment system established by the labor department of the Taiwanese government. Since the introduction of the system at Season Arts, the founder and principals, along with many directors at the school, have been conducting a series of educational training and staff development programs. Season Arts’ hard work and effort in developing well-structured educational training system and staff quality were recognized in 2014 on our first debut in participating the assessment and received a silver medal award.