Meals and Sanitation

Organic and nutritious meals
(一)Provided meals

Healthy bodies are the foundation for effective learning, therefore at Season Arts, we offer balanced, nutritious, and tasty meals. We provide two proper meals and one snack meal which are breakfast, lunch, and afternoon tea. Both breakfast and lunch come with fresh fruit for rich nutrition, minerals, and dietary fiber consumption. We also encourage children to have breakfast at school to ensure stamina for learning.


We select organic vegetables from the Taiwanese Organic Agriculture Association, organic pork from Taiwanese animal technology laboratories approved by the Taiwanese Council of Agriculture, CAS approved chicken, and white rice mixed with germ rice. These ingredients are delivered daily from the organic farms, and our kitchen staff examines the freshness of the ingredients to provide the highest quality food.


‧Meal plans are designed by a professional nutritionist every three months.

‧All the meals are cooked by certified chefs.

‧Organic environmental sterilizers are used to clean the kitchen and kitchenwares in between every meal.

Environmental-friendly and sanitized environment

We provide a sanitized and comfortable environment for children to ensure effective learning. Every classroom is equipped with an independent water dispenser, which provides children with RO, reverse osmosis, drinking water, an en-suite sanitary toilet, and environmental-friendly sterilizers are used to clean the campus and classrooms. Moreover, to prevent us from getting and spreading infectious diseases, teachers in every classroom check children’s temperature twice daily and regularly clean the classroom environment to ensure the children are healthy.